Digital briefing and agency management

Boost your marketing efficiency and effectiveness

Benefits of working with Brylliant is a digital platform for the efficient development of highly effective agency briefings and for the administration of your marketing agencies
Better agency briefings through digitally supported briefing development
Efficient briefing process and less revision loops
Higher marketing impact (ROI) through better creative response

Features & Functionalities

Digital Briefing Templates

Choose from numerous well-proven briefing templates - or create your own briefing standards.

Guided Briefing Development

Follow step-by-step instructions during briefing development to achieve complete briefings and high content quality.

Built-In E-Learning

Train your teams on brand & corporate standards via the built-in e-learning function for every step of the briefing.

Built-In Brand Strategies

Ensure strategy conformity through built-in, preconfigured brand strategies (target groups, insights, positioning, etc.)

Transparency & Recycling

Easily find current and completed briefings for more transparency and quick reuse of old but still valid briefing content.

Agency Administration

Create a comprehensive overview of all agencies including the most important agency information (e.g. specializations) and documents (e.g. contracts, NDAs, rate cards); compare and rate your agencies.

Documented Procurement

Send your briefings via Brylliant to selected agencies, including audit-proof documentation of the selection and award process.


“With Brylliant, we have introduced unified quality standards across the company, hence we have sustainably improved the quality of our briefings. We are convinced that this will improve agency work and thus increase the impact of our marketing initiatives.”

Till Schütte

Head of Marketing Services, Lidl Deutschland

“Brylliant knows how to create great briefings. If all 5 agencies in a global pitch say that they have received the best briefing ever, then that should be proof enough.”

Céline Chauffeton

Global Category Sourcing Director, Danone

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About us

Brylliant is a joint venture of ROOTS Brand Strategy Consultants GmbH and VentureLabs GmbH. We combine decades of experience in marketing and brand management of international top brands with years of experience in developing and managing complex, scalable IT solutions.

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